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Snow covering the South Downs doesn’t deter keen cyclists.

Amberley Pond in Winter by Pam Keeble Amblery in Winter, Grahame Joseph

The flooded wildbrooks in winter 2013. In summer there are footpaths and grazing animals.

John Ireland, composer, wrote this piece called Amberley Wild Brooks in 1921. Listen

Amberley Floods, Grahame Joseph


Amberley Mount - a favourite place for walkers and cyclists. The pond is being restored with inspiration from a painting by Felicia Lievans Bauwens.

Amberley Mount - Dew Pond



South Downs


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Nestled at the foothills of the new South Downs National Park, the approach to Amberley is stunning and the colours of the landscape change constantly.

The tidal plain of the River Arun extends to the north of the village and is known as Amberley Wildbrooks. It is a broad sweep of undisturbed wet grassland, intersected with wildlife-rich ditches, surrounded by woodlands, and overlooked by the South Downs. This wetland site, which often floods in the winter, is of special scientific interest and over half of all the British species of aquatic plants, wildfowl and invertebrates can be found here.

See Nature for examples of wildlife and flora and fauna.


Amberley Society

Conserving and improving  Amberley, West Sussex

Amberley Society

Amberley Society

Conserving and improving  Amberley, West Sussex

Thatched roof tops in Amberley by Grahame Joseph

Breathtaking landscapes and ever changing colours and tones of the South Downs