Amberley Society

Conserving and improving  Amberley, West Sussex

Amberley Society

Amberley Society

Conserving and improving  Amberley, West Sussex

Thatched roof tops in Amberley by Grahame Joseph




Locke's local knowledge leads the reader to his favourite walks, pubs and and places to stay

This book showcases 20 circular routes, between 6 and 14 miles (9km and 22km) in length, suitable for hill walkers of all abilities.

The South Downs is a mountain biker's paradise. Thousands of kilometres of well-maintained byways and bridleways can be combined to create  route combinations.


The author of The Old Wives' Tale spent eight weeks in Amberley in 1926 and this book also provides a separate account of life in the village at that time, with glances back to 1851 and forward to 2001. What has disappeared and what has been saved are among the chief subjects of the account.

Arnold Bennett and Amberley

Recipes contributed by villlagers and friends of Amberley who enjoy food and its preparation. Everything from Mrs Buggins' fish cakes to Amberley Vicarage biscuits.


The selection of books below are bought directly from Amazon. Any commission earnt from sales via these links will go to the Amberley Society.

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Ted Cook used to work at the Amberley Station Railway Signal Box before the station closed down. He has many interesting stories about his life on the railway and is proposing to write a book about Amberley.  He can be reached on

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The novelist Arnold Bennett's journal and story about Amberley in 1926; their connection to a crisis in his second marriage. The village described in independent detail, 1926, 1851 and 2001.

The Sussex Archaeological Society South Downs book series


The Archaeology of the South Downs National Park, by John Manley

The Natural History of the South Downs National Park, by Robin Crane and Rendel Williams

The Geology and Scenery of the South Downs National Park, by David Robinson

Traditional Homes of the South Downs National Park, by Annabelle Hughes

Churches and Chapels of the South Downs National Park, by David Parsons and Robin Milner-Gulland